Family reunification

Transnational love is not as easy as it seems, it is often disturbed by strict legal articles. At the beginning there is always a public authority, whose line of reasoning is often difficult to follow. Caught between the right to the protection of family life set by the German constitution and the political will to limit immigration, binational couples often undergo tedious hurdles. 

The free choice of one’s partner is guaranteed by human rights. Family is fundamentally protected as a place of emotional attachment and mutual responsibility. No one could seriously deny this, nevertheless this fundamental right is violated when a part of the family immigrated to Germany from a country outside of Europe. In that case, regulatory provisions are the priority, the couples and families are sometimes separated from one another for long periods of time. Couples are often suspected of committing “fraud” in order to obtain a residence permit and are thus transformed into a “security risk” by authorities. We take a strong stance against this! Immigration regulations that restrict the free choice of one’s partner and the common life of families are, in our view, absolutely unacceptable.